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About us & La Palma ~ Canary Islands

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Experience La Palma, one of the most unique Canary Islands, in the idyllic atmosphere of our retreat oasis “VIDYAMOR”.

We offer you individually tailored and exclusive wellness, detox and yoga retreats that will turn your holiday into a healthy and relaxing experience.

In the quiet and private atmosphere of our oasis, where we do not accommodate any other guests during your stay, you have the opportunity to concentrate fully on your relaxation.

Let yourself be inspired by the breathtaking nature and calming energy of La Palma and experience how a holiday on this paradisiacal island can contribute to your holistic relaxation!

Retreat La Palma Untermenü Begrenzung
Retreat La Palma Untermenü Begrenzung

About us

Our wish was to create a little paradise on earth where body, mind and soul can live in harmony with nature. After years of travelling across all five continents, we finally found the perfect place to realise this vision on the beautiful island of La Palma.

So a wild and romantic valley in the mountains on the sunny west side of La Palma became our home.

As our Garden of Eden is only a 7-minute walk away, it was a great challenge to transform the overgrown almond grove into a sea of flowers and a fruit garden. Over seven long years, we tore down the dilapidated old buildings and then rebuilt our oasis “VIDYAMOR” with great attention to detail.

After this labour-intensive phase, we had the opportunity to realise ourselves again as yoga teachers and state-certified naturopaths, with numerous further and advanced training courses.

Thanks to our many years of experience with yoga, naturopathic therapies and detoxification methods, we have a holistic treatment concept at our disposal. We therefore have the opportunity to accompany you during your retreat on La Palma competently, sensitively and individually according to your needs.

VIDYAMOR ~ A little paradise on La Palma

The clean air of La Palma and the peaceful location of our beautiful flower oasis “VIDYAMOR”, as well as the warm rays of sunshine, the deep blue sea and the clear starry sky are a balm for our well-being. In addition, a full vegan raw diet and yoga exercises have supported our health and given us the strength to realise our dream.

We would like to share this “luxury” of living close to nature with others. We therefore invite people to leave everyday life with all its worries and pressures behind them, to find their way back to themselves without distractions and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Our wide and varied range of detox, yoga and wellness programmes can promote your personal healing process on a physical, emotional and mental level. So you can regenerate and renew yourself with the Detox Retreats gain more flexibility and a good body feeling during the Yoga Retreats or simply relax and unwind during the Wellness Retreats .

You can find more information about us and the oasis for detox retreats, yoga and wellness in the guestbook or in the interview in the raw food magazine “Die Wurzel”;

What makes us special

The special thing about our oasis “VIDYAMOR” on La Palma ~ Canary Islands is:

1. your individual support: class instead of mass

Registering with us means that you will be our only guest during your stay so that we can guarantee you individual and personalised care.

2. the scenic location: a little paradise on earth

Our wild and romantic oasis of flowers in a secluded location on the sunny west side of La Palma has been described by many visitors as a “Garden of Eden”, a jewel or a gem. For this reason alone, your stay with us can be a very special experience.

3. our wide range of products: something for everyone

As we have both been intensively involved in naturopathy, detox, wellness and yoga for many years, our range has become very extensive and varied over time. This means that the treatments and retreats we offer are given competently and sensitively.

4. nutrition: people are what they eat

With our wholesome vegan fresh food or fruit, vegetable and juice fasting, you have the opportunity to get to know a completely different form of nutrition. On the one hand, it fills you up in a healthy way and can also harmonise body, mind and soul at the same time.

About La Palma ~ Canaries

La Palma ~ The pearl of the Canary Islands

La Palma is called “La Isla Bonita” ~ The Beautiful Island ~ by the inhabitants of the Canary Islands because its varied vegetation and landscape never cease to amaze and fascinate.

The island of La Palma, the pearl of the Canary Islands, which is still little developed for tourism, was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO for this reason. This makes it particularly popular with hiking enthusiasts, nature lovers and individual tourists.

To summarise, the uniqueness of La Palma lies in the diversity and contrasts of its nature: it is indeed the case thatAlpine mountains and young volcanoes, cliffs and lava beaches, cloud forests and rocky deserts are all very close together on La Palma.

La Palma ~ The hiking island

La Palma is a true paradise for people who enjoy walking in the great outdoors, as they are rewarded with unique landscapes.

Most important sights:

At 2426 metres, the “Roque de los Muchachos” is the highest mountain on the beautiful and mountainous island of La Palma and is located in the “Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente”. Because the air there is so clean and there are almost no artificial light sources, the famous star observatory was built on the Roque.

The “Caldera de Taburiente” is the second largest erosion crater in the world. With a depth of up to 2,000 metres and a circumference of 7 km at the upper edge of the crater, with numerous waterfalls and breathtaking rock formations, it is one of the island’s hiking highlights.

Beaches and climate on La Palma

The beaches in the west of La Palma are very popular as there are fewer dangers from strong currents and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening.

The west side of La Palma is favoured by the weather because the sun shines more often here than in the east. The climate at sea level is warm and balanced all year round, because even in midsummer it is not oppressively hot thanks to the Atlantic breeze. On the other hand, the weather at higher altitudes can show many faces in one day and temperatures can fluctuate.


As the air on the Canary Islands and especially on La Palma is very clean and mild, people who suffer from respiratory diseases also like to come to the island.


But be careful not to confuse “La Palma” ~ the greenest of the Canary Islands ~ with “Palma de Mallorca” or “Las Palmas” de Gran Canaria when booking a flight!

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